Backed by norwegian band Salmon Smokers and singer Dyveke Kuløy, Luke Elliot has just released «Dressed For The Occasion», an album Popklikk enjoys more than a lot.

We have talked to Luke about his music, The king of the flannel bearded men, Siste Reis, Athletic Sound and artists who have inspired him.

Dyveke and John

Dyveke and John

– How did you meet former music journalist Eirik Mosveen, and what did his enthusiasm mean to you as an artist?

– I met Eirik at a Jay Ferrar show, with Chip Taylor opening.  We were both backstage, and just started talking music.  The next thing I knew, he was writing on my work in VG.  We’ve been close ever since.  His enthusiasm has been incredible.  Before I even came to Norway, he seemed to have called half the country supporting my efforts.  I am forever grateful.

Luke at Siste Reis, Halden

Luke at Siste Reis, Halden

– What is it about your music that makes Norwegians go bananas?

– Haha. Well, I’m glad to hear that they go ‘bananas.’ I think they like my music because it resonates with a particular idea of Americana that Norwegians hold very close to their hearts.  There is a lot of appreciation here for my country’s musical history.

– How would did describe your music to someone who never heard it before?

– It’s very hard for me to describe my own work. I would tell them to have a listen for themselves, to make up their own minds.  I think it’s very important for people to have their own descriptions for things, rather than the artist telling them what they should think.

Street Legal

Street Legal

– Please describe how it was to work with producer John Agnello, The king of the flannel bearded men.

– John is the king of the flannel bearded men! I can’t wait to tell him that. He’ll love it. Working with John was and still is the thrill of a lifetime. He is a one of the most detail-oriented people I’ve ever met, but you don’t expect that meeting him.  He is very laid back, and has a way of making you work really, really hard while making you have fun at the same time. I look back at making this record and think of all the great times we had.

– What is the best thing about the album?

You better like this, girl

You better like this, girl

– I am proud of a lot on this record; the production, the songs, the players, my producer, my collaborative efforts, the studio…  I’m not sure there is a particular ‘best’ aspect that I cling to. I’m happy with a lot.

– Please describe how Popklikk-favorites like «Get’em While They’re Hot», «Handsome Man» and «People Like Us» developed into great songs.  

– Well, «Get ’em While They’re Hot» was written years ago, but finely-tuned with John and the players in the studio. I had a basic idea for «Handsome Man» about a year ago after a falling-out with a woman, but we got it really going in Jersey City with John.  «People Like You» was mainly composed in the studio. It was conceptualized after a fall-out with yet another woman years ago.

Boom Boom

Boom Boom

– Listening to your album, artist like Gun Club, The Saints/Chris Bailey and The Waterboys pops up in our heads. Are we completely lost?

– No, not at all. I love those artists!  I’ve actually been listening to a lot of The Waterboys recently, and can’t wait to see them when they come to Oslo!

– How was it to work in Athletic Sound, and how do you rate the studio?

– It was a blast!  We recorded mostly everything to tape, which is extremely rare these days. They have living quarters upstairs, so I was able to work through the night, which I think is very important when you’re making this kind of record. I’ve spent some time in several studios, but this was by far the best I’ve worked in so far.

Norwgian Wood

Norwgian Wood

– Did the wooden walls inspire you, or did you find them a bit scary?

– Haha. I really like the wooden walls!  They actually seem to compliment Halden’s persona quite nicely.

– What is the best thing about Dyveke Kuløy’s music?

– Dyveke has an immaculate voice.  Her songs are killer, and she has a way of drawing in a listener that I think make the songs she contributed on even more compelling.

– “In and out of trouble. The Luke Elliot table.»Wow, how does it feel to be famous in Halden?

Patti S.

Patti S.

– I love Siste Reis!  It was an absolute honor to have them give me a table. We went in there for beers most nights we had off, and even some after work.  I know that spending so much time their has contributed to my reputation in Halden.

– What kind of music did you listen to as a teenager?

– I listened to a lot of different stuff.  The first cassette tape I received was Jimi Hendrix’s «Are You Experienced,» so I was off to a great start.  My older brother and my father were rock and roll enthusiasts, so I was introduced to acts like Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Hank Williams at a very young age. I built my own little world with the music I listened to.

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello

– Pick three albums that have inspired you and describe what it is about them that you like.

– It’s hard to pick just three. Let’s say…  Bob Dylan’s «Street Legal,» Warren Zevon’s «Sentimental Hygiene» and John Coltrane’s «Blue Train.»

– The Dylan record is one of the most thorough records I’ve ever heard. The songs span the scope of so many genres that it’s hard to keep up.

– ”Sentimental Hygiene” is my favorite Zevon record.  It’s funny, tragic, isolated, and beautiful at the same time.  It’s everything I think rock ‘n’ roll is all about.



– «Blue Train» is the first thing I ever heard from Coltrane, and I still listen to it once a week. The songs move me in a way that I almost cannot describe.  It is still the first thing I play for any new woman I meet.  If she doesn’t like it, there’s no need for us to talk anymore.

– Pick between the following artists: 

– I don’t really like to pick between bands publicly, but I’ll try to be a good sport.

 – Southside Johnny or Aerosmith?

-.I like them both a lot. I guess I’d say Aerosmith simply because I know more of their catalogue.

The Replacements

The Replacements

– Billy Joel or The Strokes?

– I’ve never really listened to these guys. They’re not really up my alley, but they do write great songs that a lot of people love.

 – The Ramones or The New York Dolls?

– The New York Dolls. They’re a little more…me.

 – The Knack or Cheap Trick?

– The Knack. Again, they’re a little more me.

– Patti Smith or Tom Verlaine?

– It’s hard to separate these two. I might say Patti- she’s been a huge influence.

– Bruce Springsteen  or Tom Petty?

– They’re both so different. I really can’t choose. I love them both.

– Big Star or The Replacements?

– Probably The Replacements. They kick ass!

– Eagles or Scott Walker?

– Scott Walker. I mean, he’s in a league of his own.