Her kan du høre to sylferske Jeff Tweedy-låter

6B39A464-4CA8-41C3-937A-364CB02CFFAAJeff Tweedys nye soloalbum, «Love Is The King», blir sluppet på dBpm den 23. oktober, og du kan allerede høre to av låtene fra albumet, «Guess Again» og «Love Is The King», her og nå (se nederst i saken).

Selv sier Tweedy følgende om plata: «At the beginning of the lockdown I started writing country songs to console myself. Folk and country type forms being the shapes that come most easily to me in a comforting way. ‘Guess Again’ is a good example of the success I was having at pushing the world away, counting my blessings — taking stock in my good fortune to have love in my life. A few weeks later things began to sound like ‘Love Is The King’ — a little more frayed around the edges with a lot more fear creeping in. Still hopeful but definitely discovering the limits of my own ability to self soothe.»

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