Gladmelding: Nytt album fra Wilco

Wilco slipper sitt nye album, «Cousin», den 29. september, men allerede nå kan du høre den glimrende singelen «Evicted». Plata er produsert av Cate Le Bon, som møtte bandet første gang på Solid Sound Festival i 2019. Det er første gang siden «Sky Blue Sky» (2007) at bandet ikke har produsert selv. 

På Wilcos hjemmeside opplyser bandet følgende om «Cousin»: 

“I’m cousin to the world,” frontman Jeff Tweedy confesses. “I don’t feel like I’m a blood relation, but maybe I’m a cousin by marriage.” Produced by the singular Welsh artist Cate Le Bon, Cousin marks the first time Wilco has handed the reins over to an outsider producer since Sky Blue Sky. Le Bon’s influences—among them the inclusion of saxophone, cheap Japanese guitars, and a cinematic, New Wave-style drum machine—drive the album into the future. The result is Wilco’s most pointed and evocative album, one related but not tied to our present moment, truly new ground for a band that has tested musical boundaries throughout its lengthy career.


01 Infinite Surprise 
02 Ten Dead 
03 Levee 
04 Evicted 
05 Sunlight Ends 
06 A Bowl and a Pudding 
07 Cousin 
08 Pittsburgh 
09 Soldier Child 
10 Meant to Be

Foto: Wilcos hjemmeside

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