Musikkpreik med Ledfoot

Ledfoots nye plate, «Outsiders», har fått så mange gode anmeldelser at Popklikk rett og slett måtte snakke med fyren.  

– How would you describe the music on «Outsiders» compared to your previous albums?

– On all my previous Ledfoot records I played everything myself. When I wrote the songs for this record, it just seemed to make sense to do it with a band, I wanted a bigger soundscape.

– What is the background for the title of the album?

– I wanted to make a record about people on the edges of society who persevere despite their situation.

– Tell us a little about the process and the recording of the record.

 – I put together demos of the songs with pretty coherent arrangements and the vocal harmonies.So when we went to record, everyone knew the songs. We used about 6-7 days in the studio including mixing.

– What are you most satisfied with on «Outsiders»?

– That you can hear it’s four musicians playing together with no bullshit.

– Choose one song from the record that you are particularly happy with.

– I’m happy with the whole record… maybe «Better Side Of Me» because it’s so low. 

– Which of the songs on the album gave you the most resistance?

– Heh heh, it was a smooth ride, all the songs fell naturally together. 

– If it is possible: How would you like to describe the content of the lyrics on the record?

– Honest story’s people tell not because they want too, but because holding it in is too hard.

– How do you work with the songs and when and how do they appear?

– I always work on songs. Sometimes I write one quick and sometimes I need to chew on it a while. I always have a few going at once.

Are there any artists who have been a sources of inspiration for the music on the record?

Marty Robbin’s «Gunfighter Ballads».

– Pick three albums you have listened to a lot in the last year. 

– I don’t listen to much other stuff… I’m always working.

– Is there a painting, a book or a film that you particularly appreciate, and if so: Why?

– Right now I’m rereading «God is not great» by Christopher Hitchens…. Cause the man had such a great mind.

Do you appreciate Bruce Springsteen’s music, and how did you feel when he chose to make a cover of one of your songs, «High Hopes»?

– I love his record «Nebraska. Of course I was honored he did … and surprised.

– The Havalinas were well received in Norway. Looking back; What do you think of the records you made?

– I honestly never look back with any judgment one way or the other… it is what it is… another time, another place.

– What kind of music did you listen to in your youth?

– Old school country, soul, folk, blues…roots in general, and rock of course.

– Then we move into the fantasy world. If you had the opportunity to be in a band consisting of foreign artists from the 60s until today; which artists would you have brought with you, and what kind of music would you conjure up?

– Heh heh. I have enough trouble working that out in the real world. I’ll pass on that one.

– One last question: Did you have a childhood hero? If so; how did it happen?

– Maybe that’s how I turned out to be who I am. I never thought some hero would bother to save my ass.

Foto: Pål Hornburg/promo

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